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Some of the ways in which I can help you


We all love David Attenborough but he can't be everywhere. Well, while Sir David's away on his travels, there might be a time when you have that special wild-life project you want to voice. Might I suggest.....?



Pretty self-explanatory really but I can obviously help here. Whether you want smooth and seductve, mellow and trustworthy or harsh with an ironic edge, I'm your man!

Audio Books


Tricky trying to read a book while you're driving, not to mention being illegal and a very, very silly thing to do. Concentrate on your driving and let your favourite author soothe you during your journey.



'A statement, article, or video that provides an explanation of a concept, topic, situation, etc.' In other words, it explains stuff. And with a nice voice to explain the 'stuff', it's more likely to sink in.



Learning electronically could, if not very carefully produced, be as dry as the classroom used to be (remember your schooldays?) but with the aid of great graphics and an engaging voice (and no throwing of blackboard erasers) it is the best way to increase your knowledge and move your career.

Corporate Videos


When you need your staff to be informed about the latest corporate initiative, a video is the most efficient and cost-conscious way to get your message across to the most people in the quickest time. And the best way to avoid having them nod off.

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