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About Us

I believe good communication to be essential in most walks of life and no more so than in the business of trying to sell yourself or your products. A good voice behind your campaign is so important and this is where I can help. My love of communication led me into local radio many years ago and, importantly, recording voice-overs in my purpose-built, garden studio, I really enjoy my time behind the mic and so I'd love to help you with your project.


I have a rich warm voice that is well suited to corporate work and  documentary narration. However, I have a lighter side too and have voiced children's videos in character as well as providing narration for films produced by a number of companies, including ITV, Comedy Central, Nuffield Health, Cider Mill Films, We Are Caravan, DC Creative, Econ Films, Unfazed Films, Designhouse London, Cognition London and Um Studios London. I am drama-school trained and will deliver an intelligent RP read- if that's what you need - or even a friendly northerner with a cup of good old Yorkshire tea in his hand. Sorry, slight lapse into character there!

Please get in touch and I'll have the work back to you in no time.

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